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Project Description

The project is designed to study different aspects of the quantum physics and string theory, using Cellular Automata Machine. Download zip, extract to new folder, run CA.UI.exe.

There are several reasons why the Cellular Automata Machine is suitable for this purpose. Reasons are the following:

  • Cellular Automata Machines (CA Machine) approximate local interactions, there is a limited speed for information outspread, like speed of light in real world. That is why the Einstein's second postulate of special relativity and causality principle are conserved.
  • CA Machine can be constructed by unlimited count of parallel matrices, each of them can represent one dimension and store appointed type of information or real-time characteristics.
  • Each matrix (plane) can be folded to a torus. This mechanism is used is the quantum physics to compactify dimentions, it is known as T-Duality (or T - compactification). T compactification allows operate with many dimensions, while displaying to a gazer, or taking into account only selected ones.
  • The state of the whole system changes simultaneously, with some discrete interval.
  • For each matrix, the space is uniform, this means that it is not possible to determine any place on the matrix by the landscape, rules for all peaces of the dimension are the same. This is similar to how it happens in the real world.
  • The multi-matrix architecture and four main principles of the CA Machines allows to approximate physical phenomena of a different nature, including processes of the quantum mechanics.

Despite the conformity listed above, CA Machine doesn't allow to do exact measurements of a learning process, (until you do a real, live experiment and set a scale for the results obtained using CA Machine) it is only possible to sight the general tendencies and development of phenomenons of a learning process.

Download Cellular Automata Machine.

 - download the simple harmonic oscillator example.

 - model, which demonstrates distribution of matter in uniform medium.

 - model, which demonstrates distribution of matter in the rarefied medium.

 - demonstrating defect extrapolation in two systems that are evolving for long time with same initial conditions and evolution rules.

 - second-order dynamics. System with two matrices involved, which allows to store 'history' of the process, and change particle state taking into account previous combinations, this approach leads to the construction of a  variety of second-order dynamical systems, which have analogies with Newtonian mechanics.

To run a model, download it, open from application, then press the "Start" button. Also it is possible to fill selected plane using mouse. Just click on the plane, or hold left mouse button and move.

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